About Me

I’m Stephanie…

Hello! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in North London. I live with my four-legged fur baby called Oscar and I love to spoil him.

When I’m not snapping away on location or editing away at my desk, I am a slow-living fanatic.

I love the romance of the little moments in life. Some favourites are drinking a glass of craft ale in a rustic pub, enjoying the scent of a book as you open it, warming your hands around a cup of coffee in a cafe whilst listening to jazz and laying in bed to the sound of heavy rain.

I am always looking for these narratives when photographing portraits or weddings. The details of ambience inspire me and it’s how I visually story tell and help you to remember what you might have missed during the hustle and bustle of the day.

I have a passion for film so you’ll see the essence of cinematic compositions in my photography.

I graduated from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Photography which gave me an eye for editorial portraits too. I loved the creativity in fashion, but found my true passion is capturing love.

Being around people celebrating their love with their most favourite folk around them is very special. It brings me great joy to bottle up the happiest memories for people to cherish forever.

Something I have learned the hard way is that tomorrow as we know it isn’t promised and the sentiment of this is precious.

Read more fun random facts about me below in the quiz, or if you’re super excited with some burning questions, enquire here.


Expect bad puns.

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Who was your first Celebrity crush?
Peter Andre circa 1996. Oh those curtains.

Guilty Pleasure?
90’s Nostalgia. After a few gins I have my playlist ready and love to sing badly and dance around the kitchen – probably alone as I have cooler playlists for when I have company! This usually begins when cooking and using wine (sometimes I put it in the food).

Schadenfreude, please do not fall over into any ponds on your wedding day because this is when I can’t stop laughing (I do care I promise, I just drew the short straw at uncontrollable humour choices). I grew up with a mum that would laugh at me if I fell down the stairs, a Dad that would trick me into eating curry hotter than I could handle, and a Nan that once sat through a whole lunch belly laughing at a bad haircut once endured so unfortunately this ill taste in humour has been nurtured into me!

Introvert! I do enjoy socialising and meeting people and can gather a crowd, however, I need time to recharge my batteries after a day of it.

What is your biggest fear? 
Jellyfish and wasps.

What inspires you?
Art, life’s events, music, films. See my Pinterest to feel the vibes!

Favourite actors/actress’?
Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, wow. Jack Nicholson’s smile melts my heart and his voice is so iconic. Olivia Coleman in the Favourite was just fantastic, and I loved her awkwardness on stage, blowing a raspberry down the mic when receiving her Oscar! I love Uma Thurman’s kick-ass ability. Bill Murray’s charm. Tom Hardy (just because), and Cillian Murphy playing the badass in Peaky Blinders.

Directors / films?
Hayao Miyazaki for his gorgeous studio Ghibli features. Wes Anderson for the cinematography and absolute eye candy. Quentin Tarantino for the Americana fix. Ridley Scott for my visit to Blade Runner dystopian world. Sofia Coppola to escape to that bar with Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

What are your favourite cultural activities?
Eating! Wandering around areas of national beauty, visiting quaint towns, art galleries, festivals for music, literature, film, design or food. Drinking cocktails in jazz bars. People watching and drinking coffee in city cafes. Watching great film with salted popcorn. Shopping in London.

Neil Gaiman. See my shoot fan based on his poem ‘All I Know About Love’!

What is your favourite drink?
This depends on my mood. Champagne with canapé’s, Red wine with most food. I adore Lychee Martini’s or Mojitos. An espresso martini is my favourite fuel for parties

Favourite fairytale?
My dissertation was based on fairytales, and too hard to pick one. Definitely the old Brothers Grimm and folklore. Angela Carter published a beautifully illustrated hardback of ones she had collected and they were indeed gritty! If you like them too, check out this thatched roof cottage I stayed in!

Time of the day?
When I have nothing to do, morning is my favourite. Specifically when I’m having my black coffee, listening to the radio and the day ahead is full of possibilities.

What is your favourite way to pass time?
Eating out somewhere nice with a glass of red.

What is your favourite candle scent?
Skandinavisk’s Skog (Forest).

Where’s your favourite place to take an out-of-town guest?
Food around London’s Borough Market, then up to the Shangrila’s Bar in the Shard to watch the sunset over the city with a cocktail or too.

Do you have a tattoo?
Yes! I have an arm sleeve which is a working progress and one on my neck which is usually hidden by my hair.

Music Genre?
Lots! Jazz, folk, big band, psychedelic surf, grunge, funk and soul, acoustic, blues, tech-house, techno, house music, classical, 90’s nostalgia, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc etc. I just love good music, I couldn’t narrow it down a genre.

Spaghetti any day, Italian, Curry, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Sunday Roasts, Chinese. I dislike Sushi and shellfish. The reason I love buffets so much is that I love a little bit of everything. Food seriously excites me and my dopamine shoots through the roof, so a buffet brings me high after high. I get very hangry if I’m hungry so my camera bag usually has a supply of nuts and nibbles to keep me on form on full wedding days.

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