Wedding and Engagement Photography FAQ’s

wedding photography by stephanie green. A black and white image of a smiling bride resting her head on grooms shoulder
wedding photography by stephanie green. A black and white image of a smiling bride resting her head on grooms shoulder

Do you do hourly bookings for smaller weddings?

Yes! I think mini weddings are fantastic and love the more intimate days as it gives me a chance to get to know your guests better. Email me and as for my brochure.

Where are you willing to travel to, and what does mileage cost?

I currently have a London package and a UK package and both of those are set fees so there are no scary surprises for travel costs. Please enquire for your pricing brochure!

Do we feed you?

For full-day weddings, yes please! I appreciate this massively as photographing on my feet for long hours is hungry work. The more energised I am, the better my focus and the outcomes! If this isn’t in your budget I understand, but I will require a food break like any other person at work should.

How soon do we receive our pictures?

Like all businesses, the pandemic has meant a longer than usual delivery time is required. Weddings from years ago have had to be squeezed into an already full peak season and I’ve had to take on more work than I usually would to make sure we can get you all married finally! During peak season, the current wait time is 12-14 weeks. However, you receive a sneak peek within the first couple of days after your wedding so you have some images to keep you going!

Do we get every photo in both colour and black and white?

To keep editing timings down, I select which photos are in colour and black or white. On average the ratio is about 70% colour and 30% black and white. If there are a few pictures you just wish you had in the opposite style, you’re welcome to drop me a line and make a request.

Why can’t we add filters over or modify our pictures?

It is in my contract that you must not alter the delivered images in anyway, i.e brightening, cropping, adding contrast, adding filters on socials or phone editing apps, so please do not get tempted to do it yourselves. Why’s this? For example; you wouldn’t purchase art from a gallery and then draw over all over the artists work after they’ve spent years crafting a style and skill that you loved so much and decided to buy into. If a friend comes by your house and see’s this artwork and also wants to buy one, they might expect the modified style they see in front of them instead of what the artist actually does, and if it’s drawn over badly without a professional eye, it is detrimental to the artists reputation!

How long do you stay on the wedding day?

It depends on your package. I recommend from ‘getting ready shots’ through to first dance for the best narrative. Every wedding is unique, so it may be you need something slightly different and not. All you have to do is ask when enquiring with anything specific you may need.

Do you do half days and if so how much?

Yes, please enquire about pricing and availability for this.

Why is it not a half-day booking not half price?

This is because in the height of wedding seasons there would be a considerable loss of earnings by saving dates for the half days. I will be bringing the same skills and acquired knowledge to the table, the very same expensive equipment and all that jazz. The running costs stay the same for me and I want to keep delivering the same quality of service to you!

Can we have the originals / RAWS / TIFS?

No. It is industry-standard that wedding photographers never provide the originals / RAWS or TIFS. I will never hold any amazing images from you! I pick the best ones, I cull the blinkers and stinkers. You have chosen me as your photographer because you love my style and trust in my trained eye.

Can my family and friends see / buy the pictures?

The final edited pictures are presented in a beautiful online album. You will receive the gallery first to check it over before sending it to loved ones to see! There are guided instructions so if your elders aren’t too tech-savvy it should still be easy enough for them without breaking the internet!

Do I have to pose?

No, but I will always give you directions on the day. If you’re ever feeling uncomfortable just say, or tell me in the consultation you’re not a fan of posing. Often in Couple Sessions, I will pick the spot and just ask you to talk amongst yourselves, the most natural and relaxed shots can happen this way.

My degree in fashion photography was attained at the London College of Fashion so allow me to try and softly teach you a few angles that work for you. I try to be as unintrusive as I can.

I do recommend just giving it a go, because you might just love the photos and treasure them as your hero shots for your mantlepiece.

Will we meet you before the wedding?

Since 2021, I prefer to mostly do consultations via Zoom.

When are payments due?

The deposit is to be paid 2 days after the consultation, and the remaining balance up to 1 month before the main shoot date.

How do we book?!

Drop me a line and we can go from there!


Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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