10 Reasons You Need To Go To Borough Market With Your Fiancé

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

Borough market is the perfect place for a hot date with your fiancé and loved ones. As a wedding photographer and food enthusiast, let me tell you why it's perfect! 

A word of warning, if you read this hungry, it might just be torture…Prepare to drool! I walked salivating around Borough Market the other day, it was sunny and fresh and was so pleased to have my camera with me. If you’re out of fresh ideas on where to take your fiancé then have you considered Borough Market?


1. Titillate your taste buds with free samples…

Always one of the friendliest stores, Confit Duck UK handing out succulent duck tasters to entice you in.

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

2. Gather impressive ingredients for a tasty date night

Visit Spice Mountain to get some of the most exotic mixes for your cooking that you can’t find in your local super market.

Shelves containing spices at a food stall called Spice Mountain. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

3. Get creative ideas on where to source your wedding’s food.

Enquire face to face with vendors to see if they cater to weddings!

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

4. Meet the makers and get the best professional advice about each food.

The marketeers of Borough Market are passionate and full of insight about the niche nibbles you may want on your special day.

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

5. You can head to the Shard for cocktails after.

Click here to read my blog on what it’s like to stay in the hotel there!

A view of the Shard from Borough Market.

6. It’s not just food. There’s amazing boutique shops!

Including Paul Smith, Aesop and Cubits

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

7. The Tate Modern is only a 12 minute walk away.

Wrap up warm in the winter months, walks by the river are windy and cold. In the summer, it’s absolutely dreamy! Fill your bellies up and then go see some art at another of London’s culture hotspots!

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

8. Get fresh air and amazing views beside the river in the Old Thameside Inn

The pub is full of history and used to be an old spice warehouse. In winter months it’s quite nice to get a pot of tea, head outside and look out at the views of the city’s architecture from the comfort of a picnic bench. Nothing beats a beer in the summer though!

A London cityscape featuring the Gherkin. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

9. See live music, fantastic buskers often play here, you could even find your live wedding music whilst scoffing on oysters!

There was no buskers for me to snap as I headed to the market late in the day, but I’ve seen many before whilst munching away. Don’t be shy, go and say hello to them, they often have business cards!

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

10. Smell, feel, taste, touch, you cannot do this via an online shop! The market makes all your senses come alive.

This picture is great (if I don’t say so myself), but you can’t smell the mushrooms cooking in the butter, you can’t hear the sizzle or feel the warmth on your face coming from the pan!

Fresh food is being cooked at Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings


And just for you, here are some links of the vendors in the gallery of images, the riverside pub and the cocktail bar at the Shard to help you plan the perfect date:

Borough Market
Confit Duck UK
Spice Mountain
Old Thameside Inn 
Olivier’s Bakery
Cocktail bar (GONG) at the Shard

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings


Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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