Chris & Misa’s Hearty Wedding: The Ned, Islington Town Hall and then onto the Albion Pub accompanied by a Brass Band!

A city wedding doesn’t have to be grey or dreary, it can be full of soul and vibrancy!..

Bridal Prep at the Ned
The day begins at the Ned where Misa is having her hair and make up done. The light is dark and ambient which makes me very excited because I know they’re going to make for some very atmospheric pics.

Dream Team
Misa wears a Temperley dress and looks like a bohemian queen rocking her boho bangs (in…

Fleabag, a BBC show written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The Priest’s Speech in Fleabag

Honest, gritty, sentimental wedding speech inspiration from Fleabag?!Fleabag stole my heart and now you taketh away! Phoebe Waller-bridge you talented, magical meanie. I’m rather gutted that this is said to be the end of the show.

I’m all fired up thinking about how it seems that I’m a sucker for wedding speeches that expose the vulnerability of love, the pain, the outright doom! But where there is darkness, there is light and all that. Like Leonard Cohen says, ‘There is…

A black and white image of two grooms beside a canal

Couples Pose Workshop in Haggerston

Keeping up with the Jones!
As a wedding photographer I’m constantly learning new things to keep myself ahead of the game. Ten years down the line I’ll still be attending workshops and seminars because our world is changing at a fast pace along with technology, trends, values and traditions. This is just one reason why you should think twice about paying for a budget photographer, it’s likely they aren’t moving forward with the times, unlike a professional that is priced…

Cinematic Love Stories For Your Date Night In

Need inspiration for your date night in? 
Lately I’ve been thinking how I’m inspired by the romantic narratives that are intense, awkward and quirky. In film, the kind of tales that makes you hold your breath with anticipation, hoping with all your might for a happy ending like a long-awaited kiss.

What are your favourite love stories between fictional characters? Or even real for that matter?? Here are some of mine;

^ One of…

Borough Market. Picture by Stephanie Green Weddings

10 Reasons You Need To Go To Borough Market With Your Fiancé

A word of warning, if you read this hungry, it might just be torture…Prepare to drool! I walked salivating around Borough Market the other day, it was sunny and fresh and was so pleased to have my camera with me. If you’re out of fresh ideas on where to take your fiancé then have you considered Borough Market?

1. Titillate your taste buds with free samples…
Always one of the friendliest stores, Confit Duck UK handing out succulent duck tasters to…

wedding photography by stephanie green. A black and white image of a smiling bride resting her head on grooms shoulder

Wedding and Engagement Photography FAQ’s

Where are you willing to travel to, and what does mileage cost?
This wedding photographer loves to travel, and will cover all of the UK.

I live in London, and travel within the M25 radius is included in the set prices.

If the journey is beyond this, I charge 0.45p per mile, from my front door to the location.
I do not drive tired and photographing from morning until night uses up the brain juice! So if it’s quite far, I may require…

10 Reasons to Visit The Most Curious Wedding Fair

Hi there!
I’m a London wedding photographer (and also cover most of the UK!) and I want to tell you why you should visit The Most Curious Wedding Fair if you are getting married!
1. Meet the makers
The internet is a God send and all, but nothing is better when crème de la crème of wedding vendors have been curated and are under one roof and available to provide instant answers to your questions.
2. Try on garments without having to hop…

A Useful Little Guide For Your Visit to Castle Combe

To bring something useful to the table, I’m going to talk a little about the places I ate at and found lodgings. You will have to forgive me, I didn’t get a picture of every place, for some of the shout-outs my words will have to do!
The First Day…
I drove to Battens Farm Cottages where I had planned to share with a group of fellow photographers. First to arrive at the farmhouse, I looked out one of the window…

New Year Thoughts at the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch London

Greetings from Nobu. If a hotel was the lovechild of the Tate Modern and a Ryokan (a Japanese Inn), this would be it.
I’m ending my year with a feast for the senses at Nobu Hotel . I love great interior design and architecture, especially when it’s Japanese vibes and instilled with their attitudes to lifestyle. I might mention that the bathwater in the pictures (below) isn’t midnight black from the multiple sins of 2018 washing off of me, but…

Chic Christmas Wedding Ideas

Have yourself a bunch of merry Christmas wedding inspiration! 



Gather your christmas wedding ideas by following my Pinterest moodboard. These photos aren’t my own but instead inspiration curated by me. To keep it stylish, I keep asking, what would Kinfolk do for Christmas?
If you are having a christmas wedding and would like to enquire to see if I’m available, click here.