New Year Thoughts at the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch London

I’m ending my year with a feast for the senses at Nobu Hotel (Who says the new year has to begin on Jan 1st anyways?!). I love great design, especially Japanese architecture and also their attitudes to lifestyle. This hotel is like the Tate Modern had a lovechild with a Ryokan (a Japanese Inn). I might mention that the bathwater in the pictures is black not from the multiple sins of 2018 washing off of me, but from a…

Chic Christmas Wedding Ideas

Gather your christmas wedding ideas by following my Pinterest moodboard. These photos aren’t my own but instead inspiration currated by me. I keep asking, what would Kinfolk do for the chicest Christmas results and so try to let that lead the way as I pin!

Why I Became a Wedding Photographer

Admittedly, I myself have never dreamt of a big white wedding with the dress and fancy do. I grew up going to weddings that I only went to for the buffet, and that usually consisted of stale sandwiches, chicken drumsticks and party sausages. If you have ever seen the Peter Kay sketch about weddings then you know the kind I am referring too with the kids (and adults) skidding across the dance floor. This wasn’t my style but I…

A photographer’s stay at London’s Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard

The Shangri La Hotel at the Shard in London is the most ambient hotel I have ever been lucky enough to stay at. It is situated high up enough to look out of all of London butt naked without being seen! Alas, I thought this was the case until I realised to some poor mans horror that it was window cleaning day. The Shard is after all made of glass, and it doesn’t clean itself. What a job that…

Passing through Patterdale Village – Lake District Road Trip!

A tiny little village, big delight!
During my trip to the Lake District earlier this year I discovered the village of Patterdale. This was to my delight because my four legged pride and joy, Oscar, is a Patterdale Terrier mixed with Border Collie. Looking around at the terrain I could see how he is truly built for life there. Unfortunately he wasn’t with me to give the hills and wild grass a test-drive, he can jump ridiculously high thus runs…

Why do an engagement Shoot?

If you hate the camera there’s all the more reason to!
Even rockstars have said that although famous and have had bazillions of photos taken on them, they still tense up in front of the camera. As a photographer, I too tense up, and I have this strange sensation that my nostrils are flaring. So why on earth have another shoot in light of your wedding?

1. Getting to know the camera!
Your photographer can help teach you tricks on how…

Botanical Wedding Theme

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I’m green with envy over the leafy shoes… Take a look!

*FYI! The Pinterest board mainly contains images not by me, it is a moodboard for joyous inspiration!

A wander around Tetbury. A small, quaint old town in the Cotswolds!

One of the best perks about being a Wedding Photographer is to see parts of the world you might never have travelled to. I simply adore getting asked to quaint places such as the Cotswolds to get a bit of country air. So if asked I always make sure to take a little tour after breakfast the next day to get some snaps and / or pop in a few shops, and that is exactly what I did when…

Aira Force aka Waterfalls and Rainbows!!

The photos will really do the talking here, but this was my first ever trip to Aira Force. A place filled with beautiful waterfalls, rainbows, babbling brooks, mossy rocks and apparently rare red squirrels! I was gutted not to have spotted any of the copper coated cuties, but that is the only ‘fomo’ I experienced.

Seasonally speaking, I enjoyed the winter-sun vibes, but I would love to return in the summer to see how different the speckled light on the…