Streatham’s Hidden Gem: A Romantic Forest Vow Renewal


In the heart of London, amidst the hustle & bustle, you can find the perfect sanctuary in Streatham Common. Clarese & Aiden’s intimate vow renewal ceremony was nothing short of enchanting, set against the backdrop of towering trees and the soothing sounds of nature. The forest setting provided the ideal ambiance for a couple determined to reaffirm their love in a unique and magical way.

New beginnings…

The photography narrative begins at their home. It was special to capture this as C&A are moving and it was meaningful to document this happy chapter, to celebrate what it was before embarking on new beginnings. All the black & white photos from this part of the day are ironically the ones that I love the most from the gallery – as this part of their life becomes part of their history.


Bus Stop Romance

We went for slice of life details and caught the bus to the location, which was also a way to fondly remember their lives in this area that they called home.



The Forest Vow Renewal Ceremony

As the sun dips below the lush canopy, C&A exchange heartfelt vows, surrounded by the serenity of Streatham Common. The forest setting an air of intimacy, making this vow renewal a truly special moment for the couple. The natural beauty of the location effortlessly enhanced the romantic atmosphere.


Basking in Forest Magic

We truly lucked out this summers day and had the perfect weather for a stroll through the woods to take timeless portraits after they said I do all over again! Weddings are so special, but there is something wonderful about couples wanting to reaffirm their love after being through life’s ups and downs together.



Capturing Moments after the Forest Vow Renewal at The Rookery Gardens

Following the heartfelt vow renewal ceremony, we ventured to The Rookery Gardens for couple portraits that captured the essence of their enduring love. Nestled within the heart of Streatham Common, The Rookery provided a picturesque backdrop with its timeless architecture and charming gardens.

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Streatham Common

The Rookery Gardens


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