Why do a Couples Shoot?

If you hate the camera there’s all the more reason to a couples shoot!

Even rockstars have said that although famous and have had bazillions of photos taken on them, they still tense up in front of the camera. As a photographer, I too tense up, and I have this strange sensation that my nostrils are flaring. So why on earth have a couples shoot in the light of your wedding?

1. Not just for those getting married!

Couples shoots are often called engagement shoots and so it can often mislead that you love birds don’t deserve to have professional pictures of you looking loved up!

2. The best way to get to know your angles is a couples shoot!

Your photographer can help teach you tricks on how to place your hands elegantly, or what poses look better for your silhouette. This practice can mean you are much happier with your wedding photos because you learn what you do and don’t like.

3. Have a taste of what’s to come through a couples shoot

Stephen Fry said it’s hard to like yourself on screen because it is the opposite to how we see ourselves in the mirror. Everything is backwards! You’ll be able to see from these images if you prefer yourself looking smiley or serious, chin up or chin down etc!

4. One to one with your wedding photographer

It’s a great time to bond and for your photographer to understand your preferences about yourself. I personally don’t like my goofy teeth and I can often hunch my shoulders when not paying attention if in front of the lens, so I would tell my ‘tog this so on the wedding day the odd “Shoulders back!.. Face a little that way” can help get more money shots on the day and also make the couple shots go quicker meaning less time away from your guests. The more you know your photographer the more you will feel comfortable too, meaning you will just look more natural in the shots.

5. A couples shoot is a reason to buy yourself more outfits!

Don’t need to elaborate on this surely?

6. A relaxing and romantic day together

A couple once said on a shoot with me that they had been a little nervous, but actually they barely noticed I was there and got to spend the day in one of their favourite places looking into each other’s eyes!

7. Professional photos for your online wedding site or invitations.

Many couples are now going digital with their own websites for guests to check on the timetable, address, and other things such as important updates as well as the traditional, not so eco paper invitations. Having such lovely photos are perfect for these types of things.

If you have to make several changes or need to postpone, it makes it very cost efficient to have an online site as opposed to the paper invitations.

The perks outweigh the fear of having your photo taken. So book a day just for you two (and even bring children and / or pets if you like) and spend it in your favourite hideaway. It lasts for a couple of hours so I would suggest taking yourselves off for dinner after. If not, why not?! Wedding planning is so stressful you deserve the treat.

Prices vary so get in touch with me to find out how much or tell me about your ideas, get in touch!

Want some inspiration for your couples shoot or wedding, check my Pinterest!

To see what you can expect from a couples / engagement session looks like, click here.


Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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