Five Reasons to book a Celebrant for your Wedding

What does a celebrant do? Here are 5 reasons to book a celebrant at your wedding.

I would like to introduce you to the legend that is London Celebrant Nat Raybould, who is going to help you understand five delicious reasons to book a celebrant for your wedding that is as unique as you are. I also hope you will enjoy my portraits of her from our fun Personal Branding Photography Session!

Take it away Nat!!….

Celebrants write unique, personalised ceremonies to suit you and your partner to a tee. They can be formal, elegant, romantic, emotional, silly, outrageous – or a combination of all of these flavours! You have a close personal relationship with your celebrant, and work with them to design a bespoke structure, content, and tone.

Every celebrant does it differently, and that’s the beauty of the process! There will be a celebrant to suit every couple, and you not only get a ceremony that means something to you both, but oftentimes you will gain a friend for life as well. There are many more reasons than five to book a celebrant, but this little lot will get you started:

1) You’re not religious, and you want something more personal and memorable than a civil ceremony

Many couples are not religious, or identify with a cultural aspect of religion but don’t have a religious faith. A celebrant is the ideal way for you to have a ceremony in which you truly believe in every word you say and every word you hear, without going down a dry, impersonal registrar route. You don’t meet your registrar until ten minutes before your actual wedding: you are really rolling the dice there! You spend so much time thinking about napkin colours, favours, shoes, music for your wedding… why would you not put as much time and consideration into the most important aspect of the day – the ceremony itself?

2) You have a venue which means everything to you, but it isn’t a usual Wedding Ceremony Venue

If you adore museums, art galleries, libraries, theatres, cinemas – the list goes on – you can sometimes book a wedding reception there, but not the ceremony itself. A celebrant ceremony is the true Martini (referenced for those of a certain age, ha!) – it can be any time, any place, anywhere.

3) You enjoy custom processes like bespoke jewellery or clothing, made to your exact specifications

The process of creating a celebrant ceremony is a true collaboration. You choose your celebrant because they get you and you get them: you spend a lot of time with them, playing with ideas, discussing subject matters that are deep, hilarious, poignant, important… This takes months, sometimes longer. By the end of the process, you’ve learned more about yourselves and your relationship, plus put time, effort and love into creating something that truly reflects who you both are. The joy and satisfaction that comes with that is really quite special.

4) You are a words person, who loves playing with language and meaning

Many of my couples have a deep love of literature, music and lyrics, theatre and performance. They adore how words can affect them and those around them, and how the memories created by authentic, well-chosen words resonate for years to come. You can have this in your ceremony too.

Who wants to hear the same perfunctory lines on one of the most important days of your life? Wouldn’t you rather hear and say words that are yours and yours alone, that strike you right in the heart in the best way?

5) You just know you want MORE

Sometimes you can make a list of reasons, but sometimes you just know in your gut that you want more. When me and my husband married in 2012, we made the decision to have a humanist ceremony immediately. We just knew it was for us. Perhaps this blog is the first time you have even heard of celebrant ceremonies? – they’re increasingly popular year on year, but still not talked about half enough, in my opinion. The amount of people who tell me they would have opted for a celebrant ceremony had they known about them – well, it’s a LOT! Once you know about the infinite possibilities open to you, you won’t believe you could have settled for a civil ceremony.

Now that you know more, are you considering a celebrant-led wedding ceremony? If you have any questions about how your unique ceremony could be, do please
contact me via my website or my Instagram

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