Sula & Oliver

I had the luxury of shooting in Kew Gardens on a sunny summers day. Sula is a florist and fiancé Oliver is in marketing. They both are passionate about flowers and trees so it was a natural choice to select Kew as a location.

One of the highlights which I remember is of the couple showing me to a tree of memory and sentiment to them, a mulberry tree! I may or may not have tried a mulberry for the first time, and it may or may not have been delicious. I’m leaving it vague so the kew-police do not suddenly arrive at my door to give me a telling off for ‘possibly’ trying one. Apparently supermarkets do not sell mulberries because they burst so easily and are difficult to pack. This is why I had never got to try one before.

Being surrounded by such beauty it was torture to pick specific backdrops to keep the day rolling smoothly, but it was also a luxury being spoilt for choice. I do hope it happens to be another couples favourite place so I can return and select some of the many other beauty spots. The mulberry tree however, is completely safe as I have absolutely no idea where is was in all the 300 acres there are!


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