A wedding photographer’s guide to visiting Tetbury

Just another reason why I love being a Cotswolds wedding photographer!

One of the best perks about being a wedding photographer is to see parts of the world you might never have travelled to. I adore getting asked to quaint places such as the Cotswolds to get a bit of country air. I always tend to take a little tour the morning after a wedding to indulge in a local breakfast, to get some snaps and / or pop in a few shops, and that is exactly what I did when photographing a wedding in Tetbury!

A shopping haven…

Tetbury is a small town situated in Gloucestershire and to my delight it is FULL of boutique shops! And not just any, but exactly the kind I like, home decor stores and fashion. There are essential pitstops between holding delicious cafes and restaurants, this however is torture when only visiting for a couple of hours as you can’t try them all like you can the shops.

A little history…

The Grade 1 listed, fine-stoned architecture still stands today thanks to fruitful wool merchants business from 400 years ago. Recorded history goes back some 1300 years with the location being on top of a hill, so held a useful hill fort keeping pesky imposters at bay and I assume people settled from there and prospered. (I’m no historian but this is what I gathered!)

My favourite little boutique…

During my visit I popped into a home décor and lifestyle store named ‘Domestic Science’ and they had many of my favourite brands, Rains, Superga, Austin Austin and more. Just a few of my favourite things too, cushions, candles, fashion, beauty products and stationary. I tried on a couple of things but in the end my budget was persuaded to some velvet cushion covers. The staff were super friendly and helpful.

A bite to eat…

After my little retail therapy I stopped by a café called the Blue Zucchini for a spot of lunch. The food was delish and a great spot for people watching. Even on a Monday it was lively. So flustered by the loveliness of the visit, I bought a cake to eat whilst driving home and I forgot it on the counter. I like to think somebody got some free cake that day. Waste not want not!

After that I had to drive home and on my walk back to the car, and low behold an old steam tractor rode by, and on its trailer a border collie posed amongst some hay stacks!

I do hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my brief visit.

If you’re thinking of having a wedding in the Cotswolds and would like to know more, please do get in touch.

Thanks Tetbury!


Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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