Passing through Patterdale Village – Lake District Road Trip!

A tiny little village, big delight!

During my trip to the Lake District earlier this year I discovered the village of Patterdale. This was to my delight because my four legged pride and joy, Oscar, is a Patterdale Terrier mixed with Border Collie. Looking around at the terrain I could see how he is truly built for life there. Unfortunately he wasn’t with me to give the hills and wild grass a test-drive, he can jump ridiculously high thus runs very fast up and down hills at ease.
This by chance pit stop was due to serious hunger pains, so ran into the White Lion for some caffeine and sugar to tide me over until a proper lunch. I had already attempted one pit stop but the Kirkstone Pass was closed! (Do check out the views from that place though, there’s a lovely waterfall near there if I recall correctly). Anyway, back to the White Lion, a Mars Bar never tasted so frikkin’ good! I also felt soothed by the quaint and very old vibes of the pub. I hope you can observe some of the ambience with my pics but you would have to go there yourself to experience the warmth and crackles of the open fire, the sound of wind whirling outside whilst your hands warm up around a cup of coffee.

Not all pictures are in the tiny village of Patterdale, the moody mountainesque shots are here and there, somewhere around Ullswater and Keswick. It’s pretty mind blowing in Cumbria and the Lake District so remembering to take notes of where on earth you are is not easy!

I’m glad to say there’ll be more pictures of the Lake District coming soon, even a cheeky styled shoot is going to be happening that way. Lovers by the lake, it is going to be so dreamy!


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