New Year Thoughts at the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch London

I’m out of 2018 with a bang and stepping into the new year with a welcoming embrace. I’m ready with open arms for a fresh chapter!

I’m ending my year with a feast for the senses at Nobu Hotel (Who says the new year has to begin on Jan 1st anyways?!). I love great design, especially Japanese architecture and also their attitudes to lifestyle. This hotel is like the Tate Modern had a lovechild with a Ryokan (a Japanese Inn). I might mention that the bathwater in the pictures is black not from the multiple sins of 2018 washing off of me, but from a black bathbomb that I thought would compliment the decors dark vibes. When in Rome and all that.

My year.

What a year, oh I’ve learnt much! Without revealing too much doom I would say this year has been full of lessons. That of course means I’m stepping into 2019 a little wiser and with more confidence in decision making.

Some of my favourite things of 2018 was seeing David Byrne live, Picasso’s exhibition at the Tate, visiting the Lake District and the Cotswolds, eating delicious meals in exciting places, sampling many lychee martni’s and enjoying well designed hotels!

My biggest wowzer moment was basing my first ever styled shoot on the poem ‘All I Know About Love’ by my favourite author Neil Gaiman (who I’m pretty crazy about on a fangirl level) he discovered the shoot and by sharing it he managed to crash Rock n Roll Bride’s servers!
It was also an honour and celebratory enough just to have made it to Rock n Roll Bride’s blog being a fresh faced vendor on the block.

Before I knew Neil had found it, I thought ‘what the heck – may as well try’ and decided to tweet him telling him I had taken the photos inspired by his words (having only ever used Twitter a few times I had no idea what a reply looks like) and he instantly wrote back saying ‘I know’ stating he had seen it already. I stared at the screen in disbelief for about 10 minutes, still confused I thought I had better screen grab it and ask people if this was genuinely him responding! It was. I skipped my dog around the park singing ‘He knoooows, he knooows he knows, he knoooooows!!!’. Absolute bliss.

Now, floating back to Earth again, I’ve enjoyed really thinking creatively about my wedding photography’s brand, who my ideal couples are thus setting up for a future of quality work that is so fun and with like minded people that it doesn’t feel like a job. That doesn’t mean I won’t work my ass off for you, more that it is work close to my heart and have so many common interests that it feels great.

I couldn’t have done all this without the London Wedding Breakfast Club so cannot wait for another year of brunches, talking and thinking with other forward thinking wedding vendors.

I don’t know what is around the corner, how can I top the Neil Gaiman stuff I just can’t fathom, but regarding the doom, I have read books this year on adversity so hoping 2019 will not as easily put me on my backside as it did from time to time! I’m ready to give it a go, and I hope you are too. So if I may, let’s toast to and raise a metaphorical glass to 2019 (all whilst holding a spiked baton in the other hand incase it wants to get clever).

Chin chin, bottoms up, own that shit! Have a delightful new year!



Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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