A mini guide for your staycation in Castle Combe

Here are some of the places I stayed in and ate at on my staycation in Castle Combe in the Cotswolds.

The First Day…

I drove to Battens Farm Cottages (links at bottom) where I had planned to share with a group of fellow photographers for our very British staycation. I am first to arrive at the farmhouse, I looked out one of the window and the farm’s cows came right up to say hello!

It was a comfortable and homely stay and would return in a heartbeat. Between the four of us, it was a bargain leaving some money to spare for some nice meals out. Conveniently this Bnb is only a 10 minute drive from Castle Combe itself.

A Little History…

With a little time to kill, I go on a drive around Castle Combe. I spontaneously ended up at The Manor House. Pictured below, this plot of land holds buckets of history, including how Combe became Castle Combe!

Once upon a time sat a Norman castle which eventually became beyond repair, and low behold, The Manor House since built in its place in the 14th century. Now, the medieval wonder is a luxury hotel and golf course. The gardens are pristine and perfect for weddings, especially those of a traditional nature.

There were some very cute terraced cottages built in the charming Cotswold stone that sits beside the manor, I think you can rent these and they’re seconds from the heart of Castle Combe. Shorter walking distance is what you want when there’s ales and wine to be tasted in the local pub.

Whilst I waited for the group to all arrive, I indulged in a cheeky half pint in the little bar of the big hotel. To my approval, jazz was quietly playing, and I polished it off in a cosy old armchair looking out the window at the grounds.

Dinner at the Castle Inn…

Once the gals arrived, I dropped off my bags back at Battens Farm and then we all came back into the village where we had a large table waiting for us in The Castle Inn. (Remember, links are at the bottom!)

We walked by the infamous honesty box, where you can help yourself to a bit of cake for a donation… that wouldn’t last long in my hometown! We arrived at the pub and oh my God I wanted to eat everything by this point. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat. So what does one do? Order far too much, better too much than a FOMO!

I ordered a Ploughman’s Platter to begin with to share with the group. Then I went wild and ordered a pie because they looked so insanely good. It was indeed too much, but I left knowing I had tasted what I wanted to. We all then headed home and shared some red wine in the farmhouse. I went to bed before everyone else. It is a must for me if I have an early start ahead. I love my sleep!

Day two of my Castle Combe staycation… a photo shoot at the luxury wedding venue called the Lost Orangery

The second day I woke up and breakfast has already been delivered downstairs. A simple lot of pastries and cereals. Coffee was what I headed straight to. Then it was time to pack bags and head to the Lost Orangery aka Euridge Manor for the styled shoot.

The Lost Orangery aka Euridge Manor is an enchanting, country wedding venue which would suit both the traditional and the alternative bride. It even has its own mini lake and a little rowing boat for you to have a sail on. Fragrant rose filled gardens to roam in, and the most amazing artistic architecture that would take some time to describe. I am going to blog about the venue soon though when featuring the pictures from the shoot, so I won’t ramble on about this place just yet. Just for you, here’s a few sneak peeks for the vibes sake!


A spontaneous stay at the White Hart Ford…

After all day photographing, I am totally pooped and absolutely no way will I drive home tired. So I treated myself to a third day on my Castle Combe staycation! I booked a BnB called The White Hart Ford.

It was reasonably priced, and rooms newly refurbished with a modern industrial look. The food there was worth staying for all together. Wow wow wow. It escapes my memory what I ate I just remember scraping the plate wanting more. The English Breakfast the next morning was fantastic.

Some advice, take ear plugs because you can hear the kitchen door below the room opening and shutting during busy periods. It’s in a fantastic location and not too far from all the Cotswold’s hotspots, so I would happily stay here again for the mouth-watering tastes and convenient location.

A must see on your staycation, a scenic route home via Daylesford Farm…

Finally it was the next morning when I felt fully rested and preparing to drive home, I was recommended to try out Daylesford Farm via my journey back.

I wish I had more time, and copious amounts of money to stay longer than I had gotten to. I treated myself to an organic lunch and a healthy virgin cocktail, and had a leisurely nose around the shops. The clothes shop has some ridiculously stunning garments but everything I liked was around the £500 mark. Yes it is damn soft cashmere but put the purse away Steph!

There’s also a spa providing interesting treatments that I would like to try (I’m thinking a birthday present to self could be in order). Another reason to return here is the workshops, from cooking to wreath making, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy your Castle Combe Staycation

I hope this can inspire you on your staycation to unforgettable Castle Combe.


Battens Farm Cottages

The Manor House

The Castle Inn

The Lost Orangery Euridge Manor

The White Hart Ford

Daylesford Farm



Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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    May 1, 2019

    Really gorgeous post! Definitely need to visit – proper English Countryside charms!

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