Making Isolation Delicious with Chocolate Orange Cornflake Nibbles

Chocolate orange cornflakes, a quick and easy isolation boredom cure…

Just like you, I am in isolation due to the Corona Virus safety measures. I don’t know anything more positive than cooking with a loved one, or what keeps the peace better than nostalgic chocolate cornflake treats?

As well as a chocolate cornflake recipe to soothe some boredom, this post is a little of what this late chapter has entailed, besides photographing gorgeous London weddings…


Life is stressful, but when everything is stripped back, having each other is all you need to keep you smiling.

My boyfriend and I moved into our new home in North London recently. The night before moving in, we attempted to clean an oven door and had to take it apart. Could we get it back together? At 2am after hours of trying, we decided absolutely not.

The day of moving in we were up at the crack of dawn. Exhausted, I arrive with my van full of belongings, and would you believe it, the bathroom ceiling is leaking like a tropical storm. We had to leave immediately and stay with family for a few days until it was fixed.

We think surely that’s our drama for a while…

The C word hits, no not chocolate cornflakes. Everybody knows what havoc and uncertainty this has caused to the wedding industry so I won’t bore you with those details.

What I am certain about, is how damn tasty these treats are and so quick and easy to make whilst our minds are whirling with thoughts.

What has kept me happy during the pandemic is having gratitude for what I do have and keeping busy.

I have included the recipe link at the bottom of the page, but we added even more magic by adding a slice of a juicy orange on top. The zesty fruit made it so refreshing, the chocolate is very rich so was the perfect balance and it looked real pretty too.

No cooking required, just put it in the fridge!

If you’re wondering what the loaf of bread is all about, we mopped up the warm melted chocolate from the bowl with it. For any other chocaholics like me reading this, check out my post on where you can find the best hot chocolate in London! Though, you will have to wait for the government to open public spaces back up!

Keep scrolling for the recipe to tide you over in the meantime!

One tiny positive from the isolation is that all our cooking skills may miraculously improve! (Scraping the bowl for silver linings!)

Best wishes to you and hope this inspires someone to eat something delish, you deserve it!

The recipe link is here. Add the orange, you’ll be glad you did! 




Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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