Keeping Wedding Calm Amongst the Corona Virus

When faced with problems, we must look at the solutions. It is hard not to panic, and it is even harder to deal with the deflation.

You should be feeling excited about planning your wedding and my biggest sympathy is with the couples right now that instead of feeling the buzz of creativity and eager anticipation, are now filled with deflation, worry and uncertainty because of corona virus.

There are two pragmatic options where we can renew the zesty good vibes of planning a wedding again;



1. Reduce Numbers.

So this news keeps changing all the time. Currently (25th July 2020) there is an allowance of 30 guests at the ceremony. Boris has mentioned ‘conference events’ from October 2020 but there has been no official confirmation.

Annabel aka Love my Dress and Nina from Occasion Queens have been exceptional in pulling together surveys and has created the campaign, #whataboutweddings to keep us all up to date with the latest news and going the extra mile to have MP’s fight for the industry in parliament!

Some couples have planned to have a reduced number ceremony and meal after, and then choosing to do a bigger celebration the following year. Others are happy to just have their reduced numbers opting for their closest ones to be there.

If that isn’t for you, read on to the next solution which is going to be more up your street…



2. Postpone.

If you feel the uncertainty is too great, postponing could be an option. In these unprecedented times under exceptional circumstances, some venues and vendors may happy to postpone with little or no extra cost.

Postponing is a far better option than cancelling because you could be at risk of losing all that is spent so far.

Communicate and get in touch with your suppliers, because you will want to find a date they’re all available on.

If you are an existing client considering this option, email me and we can talk about how to proceed.

Let’s get you excited about your wedding again!




Silver Linings and Mindfulness.

We are having to find gratitude in the basics right now. Love each other, pull together. You are not alone in this. Emotions are high for worried couples and suppliers alike. One day I hope we can all sit our grandkids on our knees and tell them about the great loo roll shortage and how we worked it all out.

If you are having to make big changes such as going from a summer wedding to a winter one, Pinterest is a saviour in these times to get excited with new ideas.

To any existing couples, please do email me to see if I can help sooth any anxieties or offer any solutions to help you on your way to your special day.



Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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