Cottage Staycation on the Isle of Lismore, Oban, Scotland

Inhale, exhale, and book a staycation on the remote Isle of Lismore

My not so straight forward but scenic route from London to Oban and onto the Scottish Isle

So I’m sitting drinking red wine with bessie Katie and she asks about my trip to Scotland that I have planned as part of a photography workshop. I say that I am staying in a cottage in Oban, and when I go to look, it appears I’m actually staying on the Isle of Lismore, which has only a population of 200 and just one shop and post office on it. Low behold, I need a ferry to get there!

Regardless of my hiccup, the adventurous soul that my friend is says she wants in. Road trip – glasses clink!

After some panic planning and prep, I get it resolved. I fly to Glasgow from London, hire a car from there to Oban (my word it was a beautiful drive through the mountains), and use the car ferry to cross the water…


The Crofting Cottage

The thatched roof and stone historical cottage is like something from a fairytale. If I could only bottle up the fresh sea air and the vision of the unpolluted night sky. It is completely different to my London life and that was everything you can ask for on an escape. It was like I left with a new set of lungs.


The Food and Planning the trip…

As mentioned, there is only one small shop on the Isle that is within the post office. You have to stock up at a big supermarket which thankfully is right next to the Oban Ferry Port. I went to Tesco which has a huge car park, but I believe there is also an Aldi or Lidl. My tip to anybody travelling there is to be extra prepared with a good shopping list and stock up at the port so you don’t have to go with out.

Leave plenty of time to catch the ferry because you need to be there well before so it doesn’t set off with out you. The car ferry only takes a small amount of cars so be on top of that to make sure you get a spot. There is a pedestrian ferry for those on foot or bikes.

To cook…

There is a fresh herb garden at the cottage for extra special fresh and healthy flavours! How cool is that?!

To cook, there is an oven with hobs, and there is also a stone fire pit with metal grid so you can fry up you veg, fish or meat on there! Sorry in advance to any vegan’s or vegetarians reading but my friend and I devoured some steak. We bought our meat from the local butcher when wandering Oban’s highstreets.

Breakfast was also a laugh, I purchased a copy of The Oban Times to see what was going on with the locals and turns out there was an outrage because a bridge is charging its customers 50p to use the lavatory!

Perhaps if you travel from London, you might stock up on some fancy cheeses or pickles at Borough Market before you go to make your stay extra delicious?



We went paddling! … Just two minutes from the Isle of Lismore cottage.

Myself and Katie wake up and we are blessed with a summers day. The weather forecast told us everything but sunshine, so had to dig out what we could to enjoy the sun on our skin.



The views from the cottage staycation…

From dusk ’til dawn, this place in the world is just magical. I do hope I get to return to this remote diamond again one day. The host Julia is very welcoming and helpful, and was very patient with my scatter brain when booking the accommodation.


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Useful links:

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Car Ferry Advice and How to Book

Use Tesco’s location for your Sat Nav if driving to Oban and you can stock up on food before getting on the ferry! Once you’re on the Isle that’s it, so get all the essentials!

Tip: Walk into Oban for some fish and chips by the seaside if you have a little time to kill. I hope you enjoy and wish you a safe trip if you go!



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