Meri & Tommy’s Special Day

Aghh what a day this was. Eccentric couple Meri & Tommy tied the knot – or ribbon, so to speak – on the family farm which Meri had grew up in the Cymru countryside. A beautiful location but sentimental to bride and parents especially. M is a well established set designer, so her eye for detail made for magic on this day. Dusty pink washed interior walls, the burning of lavender for aroma, and enormous floral display decorating the beams of an old barn. Bright red marquee’s for the dance, and a big bonfire ignited by a flaming arrow to welcome the night. The music playing had everybody dancing, a trio consisting of a fiddle player, an accordion master and a chap on acoustic guitar strumming very fast to keep up with the upbeat gypsy tempos.
The couture dress handmade by best friend Rachel Lovelock, had embroidered personal touches such as radishes that had meaning to the couple (I did not get the chance to ask what was significant about radishes!). Their wedding consisted of two days. One at a registry office for the formal ceremony, and the second, photographed here, was the big shebang. Not religious, they had a wicker gathering and bound their love in a more spiritual manner. Which is where the ribbon comes in. I found it so beautiful the way their hands were tied in the soft material. Eloquently said by horned priest ‘Love each other with enough room to allow each other to grow’. Perhaps not word for word, but I really welled up at this (as did the bride, groom and many guests), it touched my heart and felt maybe with each wedding that I photograph, I might just get to learn something so profound. How lucky am I, observing all these lessons and experiences in love, and suddenly was overwhelmed by what I am invited to be part of and what is to come.

More pictures are available of the wedding in the portfolio section, do check them out. As you might imagine, it was so hard to narrow these lot down!



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