Chris & Misa’s Hearty Wedding: The Ned, Islington Town Hall and then onto the Albion Pub accompanied by a Brass Band!

A city wedding doesn’t have to be grey or dreary, it can be full of soul and vibrancy!..

Bridal Prep at the Ned

The day begins at the Ned where Misa is having her hair and make up done. The light is dark and ambient which makes me very excited because I know they’re going to make for some very atmospheric pics.


Dream Team

Misa wears a Temperley dress and looks like a bohemian queen rocking her boho bangs (in British that’s a fringe, didn’t have quite the same ring to it though!). The make up sorcery was by Kari Rodnes and hair styling genius by Taylor Taylor. Links are at the bottom to see their works.



The Ceremony Venue

Onto Islington Town Hall in a black cab we arrive and grab some more bridal portraits on the steps around the side of the building to make sure none of the guests see the bride before the ceremony!

The couple had requested a second shooter on enquiry, and it was here I met the epic Jess Rose, I had the best day with her and oh boy she got some cracking shots! (Again link at bottom!)



A Magical Moment


The special moment when the celebrant announces you are officially husband and wife (or husband & husband or wife & wife), individual couples respond differently. Chris and Misa took a very long hug, and it looked so profound as hugs go! I felt the love radiate around the entire room.


A City Wedding Confetti Spectacular!

Big Music for Big Love


After an epic confetti storm leaving Islington Town Hall, the German Jukebox brass band begin making the most fantastic happy soundtrack to accompany them and their guests by foot to the Albion Pub. Local residents hung from windows to watch from above!



The Albion Pub – an escape from the city vibes

Warm, hearty and the happiest vibes were all around. The speeches had me welling up, they were some of the wittiest, original and most sincere I have ever heard. They were bellowed from the bars and table tops, and as it was several guests birthdays, we sang Happy Birthday about 4 times over.

It was so much fun and speeches are often one of my favourite events of the day because I get to hear the story of how the couple and family came to be one unit.

The pub is rustic and welcoming. The staff are so helpful and encouraging of a good time! I think such a pub is perfect for a city wedding, to balance the grandeur of the city, it brings things back down to earth.


The Food

Holy wow! Real nutrients! Me and fellow ‘tog Jess were kindly fed by the bride and groom and the team at the Albion excelled themselves. With a starter of raw fresh veg on ice, we stocked up on goodness before the delicious main came out. I’ll be returning to this pub in my own time to try one of their roasts, absolutely next level!

Belly Laugh’s During Group Shots

The groomsmen made these group shots an absolute ball!


I received the warmest hugs of Misa, the kind that couldn’t make you feel happier if you had just climbed into a giant loaf of warm bread. The couple’s energy has such a spark, and from being the outsider looking in, it’s plain to see how they’ve ended up with the most beautiful friendships to lead to such epic and heartfelt speeches.

This is one of my favourite weddings of the year and so simply had to share the tale! Oh and the other thing… they planned this in a month! Absolute wizards!



Photographer: @stephaniegreenweddings

Ceremony Venue: @sayidoislington

Reception Venue: @thealbionpub

Dress: @temperleybridal

Make Up: @kari_mua

Hair: @taylor_taylor_london

Brass Band: @germanjukeboxband

Fabulous Second Shooter: @is.a.rose_


Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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