A 39 degree summer outdoor wedding at The Orangery in Kent

Of course sunbeam couple Ha & An’s wedding falls upon the hottest day on record in the UK in 2022. Here is how we had the best day ever soaking up all 39 degrees in their beautiful outdoor wedding at The Orangery in Kent!

… And I have the photo evidence of it all to show you!


Outdoor Splendour

It’s my first wedding at The Orangery in Kent! I decide to take the photos of the ceremony decor flowers before anything else. I had no idea how long the flowers would last in 39 degrees. Hats off to Elouise and team at Garage Florals because they stood the test of time even in this heat! (Links all at bottom of the blog post).



Keeping cool, getting ready!

An got ready with the gals and the room was full of laughter (and pastries and tea!). Meanwhile, me and the videographer enjoyed the shade whilst we could and begin to plan where we will do the first look reveal for the couple.



An emotional first look

Happy tears are shed as Ha & An see each other in their wedding outfits. It is moments of love like this that are such an honour to witness as a wedding photographer.



Excitement brews as loved ones arrive

Friends and family from all over the globe begin to arrive. I couldn’t count the amount hugs I saw on this day. The warm energy of the wonderful people was unforgettable. I love to get to know your guests on the day and  to make them feel special too. I hope that you feel you have another friend attending on the day and not just a supplier.



The outdoor ceremony beside a private lake

Water and umbrellas are provided for guests. Me and videographer Harvey ply ourselves with factor 50, as we were open to the elements. Having such a hot wedding to go to means the perfect reason to spoil yourself to a big stylish hat. The guests looked so good, even if secretly melting. I wore a neck fan and hat to cope.

The readings were beautiful and it was sentimental to see what it meant to see the two families happily becoming one.


Confetti & Groups!

The couple and guests enjoy the walk back under the shade of the huge trees of The Orangery’s beautiful landscaped paths. We did some formal photos but Ha & An mostly wanted fun and to show the authentic high energy of their favourite people. After meeting them all it all makes so much sense!

This is where I realised videographer Harvey was not just any videographer. He brings a speaker and blasts upbeat music and we all are singing and dancing around as we shoot the groups. It was the most fun I have ever had doing group shots. It is usually the most tiring part of the day for both suppliers and guests. But not today! Regardless of the intense heat it was pure joy!

Finally, in my experience so far, videographers often don’t get too involved in decision making and have the photographer direct the day. Harvey brought the game and got involved helping to arrange and make choices, I felt part of a team which I really needed on such a hot day. Thanks dude!



Meadow Couple Portraits

When I saw these tall flowers I knew this was the spot I wanted for couple portraits after the ceremony. Ha & An are an affectionate couple and had also done a Couples Session with me at the Barbican so was well practiced and ready for this moment. See an sample of a Barbican Couples Session here!


Một, hai, ba, dô!

Every day is a school day at weddings and today I learned this Vietnamese hype meaning “1,2,3 Cheers” before drinking together. I think it actually makes drinks taste better. The food and drink was stunning, I was lucky enough to taste it so thank you to Ha & An for feeding me and Harvey.

The speeches were moving, even when said in a language I couldn’t understand I felt the love from seeing their reactions.



Golden Hour

Although not in the timetable we grabbed a few golden hour couple shots. By this point you can feel a little photo fatigued, but these photos show you it’s worth just going for it!


Cake Cutting Time!

Cake cutting doesn’t always have to be a glamorous occasion! You can be sweet and fun like Ha & An and not take it too seriously!



My first surprise flash mob!

When I thought this wedding at The Orangery could not get any better, my jaw fell to the floor. Talk about friend goals. Ha & An’s loved ones gathered on Skype all around the world and arranged this all separately. I had goosebumps and wanted to burst with joy.


A surprise bridal rap!

I think you can tell from the picture that Ha’s heart was about to burst out of his chest when An surprised Ha with a personalised rap!



Games & Shots!

More echoes of “Một, hai, ba, dô!!!” are followed after playing fun games on the green which now is a little cooler after sunset.



An electric send off!

I hope you can see now why I was just so smitten with Ha & An and their crew! I could relive this day a thousand times and I never thought I would say that about a hottest day on record. Of course, the first dance was unique, it was never going to be ordinary. Then just like Elouise’s flowers, everybody remained on a high and the heat did not hold anybody down!


The photo to sum up the hottest day on record for a wedding supplier at one of the best weddings ever…

Thank you Harvey for being a fellow hype man. Shots, sweat and happy tears (and lots of factor 50) got us through. We also could not have survived this without the love and support of Ha & An on the day. I enjoyed every minute of this 10+ hour day with you all!



If you are digging the vibes and photos from this wedding at The Orangery in Kent, you can enquire here for pricing & availability!


Supplier Credits:

Photography: Stephanie Green Weddings

Venue: The Orangery

Suit: Suit Supply

Dress: Savannah Miller

Video: Meros Procuctions

Hair: JustCKP 

Flowers: Garage Florals


Stephanie is a documentary wedding photographer covering all parts of the UK. Authentic, alternative, narrative.


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